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Are You Sick and Tired of Hyped Up Software & Products That Never Deliver?

Finally - Get Access To Private Cloud Based
Technology That Has Quietly Produced
13,917,060 Visitors In 6 Months
34,000 Mobile Users A Month

This Breakthrough System Creates Push-Button Video Sites Pre-Filled With
Content That Ranks, Captures Leads And Converts Visitors Into Buyers

A Private Cloud Based Technology
With Amazing Features

  • The Most Powerful Video Curator On The Planet
  • Based On Our Private Cloud Architecture For Blazing Fast Performance

  • Fully Responsive Design Proven To Bring In Up To 34,000 Mobile Users A Month

  • Built In SEO For Lifelong Organic Traffic
Get Instant Access to Video Cloud Pro

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Our software has brought in amazing traffic,
leads and revenue for our users

See How much Your Traffic Will Go for the Next Days

See How much Traffic You will be Producing per Week

Over 500,000 Pages Indexed in Google

500,000 Organic Views Per Month

Sites Have Generated 600,000+ Views In Last 6 Months

If you don’t want to waste hours setting up sites and paying a ton of money for getting the hosting, content and traffic only to see them fail miserably at bringing in revenue - Don’t Despair!

Radu Hahaianu, Han Fan, & Neil Napier

Dear Friend,

We can safely say that video marketing is THE single best way to a passive income for years to come.

Every day people are searching for solutions to their problems on Google or YouTube and desperately click on whatever presents them with that "quick fix".

Even Facebook and Twitter are opening up their video channels to maximize the potential in this market!

See, when you have an authority video site, you get all the traffic you want by ranking organically in Google. That's right - no need for expensive backlinks.

Every day, millions of people watch how to videos and buy a product through a link that video directs to.

Every time that happens, you get a commission.

This Is Virtual Goldmine And It's
Getting Better With Every Click.

And that's because video converts 80% better than just plain boring text. That means for the same traffic, you get 80% more people to click on ads, opt-in to your list, buy affiliate products.

Bottom line is this:
When You Have An Authority Video Site, You're Making Money The Easiest Way Possible.

Why am I saying all that?

Because while the market is HUGE, there are very few people who use it to its full potential. And that's because they lack ONE crucial tool.

95% of the people building those authority video sites and trying to monetize them have been doing it all wrong. They spend hundreds of dollars on content and design and then waste a lot of money on expensive backlinks. At the end of the day, they are spending WAY more than what they're earning, so it's hard to quickly scale it up not just to one site, but to 5,10 or 20 and TOTALLY dominate the SERPS.

Now imagine being able to build those sites at the push of a button, and get beautiful, 100% responsive and mobile ready video sites with hundreds of videos. Imagine having the ability to create an authority site in minutes, out of thin air.

Now, what if I told you that there's finally a way to setup such a business without any restrictions, with zero cost, zero technical know-how, and zero monthly fees?

... WITHOUT EVER having to create a single video yourself?

Not just that...the solution we created goes 3 steps further…it comes with:

  • Several premium preset themes optimized for the best user experience AND revenue generation
  • Fresh Content curated right out of top video sites like YouTube, Dailymotion and more!
    Organic SEO Traffic Lead Gen built-in

All of this at the push of a button… Sounds too good to be true? Read on…

Six months ago a “revolution” was started. See, that’s when regular people just like you were reading a similar sales page to this one. They were nervous about spending money on yet another software that promised them instant results.

Yet - this one seemed different. So they took the plunge and got in.

They never looked back. In fact, they went on to generate a mind boggling passive recurring income that still to this day brings them in steady traffic and life-changing revenue with almost no work from them.

They took advantage of the opportunity - Will you?

This was the first time we opened up access to our private cloud based technology.

This is NOT just another software - we have the tech, know-how and proof that this system works time and time again.

In 3 days - we’ll be closed for another 6 months. Don’t let this pass by you and get started now!


Video Cloud Pro

Your unique fully automated video marketing system

Video Cloud Pro

Special Features

Get Instant Access to Video Cloud Pro

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With Video Cloud Pro, we took everything we learned from our beta users in January and refined it to perfection. So now, not only is Video Cloud Pro the FIRST ever fully automated web system that builds sites and curates content at the push of a button, it’s also a flawless money-making machine.

The ease of use for Video Cloud Pro is absolutely STUNNING, allowing users to seamlessly enter their keywords and curate videos, grab leads and monetize their audience, all within a set-and-forget interface, without ever having to touch one line of code.

Even better yet, each site built with Video Cloud Pro is SEO friendly and guaranteed to rank. So we're taking all the money you'd have to invest in backlinks out of the equation as well.

We all know Google can be unpredictable, so how about having the opportunity to also BUILD YOUR LIST at the same time you're getting rankings, traffic, and sales?

That's right, with our opt-in system seamlessly integrated into Video Cloud Pro, you're also building your list on autopilot, so you can have traffic on demand at the push of a button, by sending an email.

"The money is in the list" is the oldest Internet Marketing saying. Turn it into a reality completely on autopilot.

With Video Cloud Pro, not only do you get the BEST possible system for the LOWEST price around, you can also sleep safe knowing you CONTROL every aspect of your business, from content creation, to traffic generation, monetization, list building, SEO optimizing and a TON more - no need to ever outsource those tasks again!

But don’t just trust our word for it - see what other video
marketing experts have to say about Video Cloud Pro

Get Access To The Exact Same Software That Generates a Recurring Income For Thousands Of Users and Start Creating 100% Push-Button Profitable Business Completely From Scratch!

So the logical question is…
Who can use this tool?

Facebook marketers

Facebook marketers who want to run powerful marketing videos & opt-ins inside Facebook.

Local Consultants

Local Consultants who want to sell local video blogs and generate clients.

Anyone who wants a nice PASSIVE income can use Video Cloud Pro!

Feeling lazy but still want to make money? No worries – fire up Video Cloud Pro and start a new site that ranks and profits!

Look, it doesn't matter who you are or what you're doing.

If you want to finally be successful online, make the money that you want and live the lifestyle that you dream of, Video Cloud Pro is for you.

If you’re fed up about buying software after software with little results, then Video Cloud Pro is for you. We have thousands of users that never made a dollar online who are absolutely crushing it now AND at the same time, we have expert marketers as well in our system who use Video Cloud Pro to easily generate a passive income so they can focus on bigger projects.

This simple web interface can be run from any computer and build your online business from scratch. It's the closest to having a "money machine"!

Not only have we carefully crafted each part to give you higher profits, we took everything we learned from our community and tweaked it to perfection!

Video Cloud Pro

Watch A Sneak Peek Into How Powerful Video Cloud Pro Is



Easy to use layout allows you to access all the functions instantly within each and every Video Cloud Pro site that you create. Simple analytics shown here also tell you how your sites are doing!



With this simple Category page, its very easy to add new category and add new videos to it! Google loves a well laid-out site, and most curated sites are terrible for SEO. Video Cloud Pro sites are different as you can set as many categories as you want, and add videos to it whenever you want!

You can even users our “private category” function to password-protect certain videos.